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Aluminum Profile Extrusion Factory

Time : 2022-05-11 Hits : 905

Today, I will show you the production process of aluminum profiles.                 

First of all, our raw material is aluminum. We put the aluminum into the machine and heat it for extrusion. 

At this time, our aluminum becomes an aluminum profile.

The extruded aluminum is still soft and not hard enough, so the next step is to harden the extruded aluminum profile.

Surface treatment such as oxidation after hardening, the whole process is basically completed.

When customers need to customize different colors,we need to powder coated color,

after powder coated color,the whole process is completed。

At present, the length of the  profile is generally 3 meters for the small size and 6 meters for the large size. 

We can also cut different sizes in the warehouse according to customer requirements.

The production process of the profile sounds very simple,right?  

In fact, every detail of each step is related to the quality of the profile, such as surface treatment, powder coated, etc.  

Paralight has been strictly controlling every detail. It has always been our pursuit to let customers buy cost-effective products.

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