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Skirting Lighting Profile

Time : 2022-05-11 Hits : 962

In the decoration design, the skirting line plays a role of visual balance, using their linear feeling, can play a better beautification decoration effect. Another effect of the skirting line is that it has a protective effect, which can make the wall and the ground gather firmly, reduce the deformation of the wall and avoid the damage caused by external force collision. Generally, the thickness of skirting out of the wall is about 5-10 mm.

The traditional skirting line has no good sense of design, which can not meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, the combination of skirting line and lamp is becoming more and more popular. The skirting line and led strip light can not only play a basic lighting role, but also create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

In order to meet customer‘s requirements, Paralight developed several models, like PXG-503,PXG-504, PXG-513.....

Abandon the traditional design, and combine the skirting line with the lamp ,make your home more warm and romantic.

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